sabato 5 maggio 2012

Il gruppo dei ricercatori italiani pubblica i primi risultati sulla PFS

European Urology Supplements
Volume 11, Issue 1, February 2012

Clinical analysis in young patient with persistent sexual
dysfunctions after finasteride assumption to prevent male pattern
hair loss

Trombetta C.1, Mazzon G.1, Liguori G.1, Ollandini G.1, Cauci S.2,
Toffoli G.3, Erika E.4

1Università Degli Studi Di Trieste, Dept. of Clinical Urology, Trieste,
Italy, 2Università Degli Studi Di Udine, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences
and Technologies, Udine, Italy, 3CRO, Dept. of Pharmacogenetics
Research, Aviano, Italy, 4CRO, Dept. of Pharmacology, Aviano, Italy

INTRODUCTION & OBJECTIVES: Finasteride is commonly used to
treat male pattern hair loss (MPHL). The effectiveness of the drug has
been demonstrated in a number of studies. Finasteride has been
associated with reversible adverse sexual side effects in multiple
randomized, controlled trials. The mentioned side effects are described
as reversible. However in literature a lot of case of persistent sexual
adverse symptoms are signaled. The persistence of symptoms after
discontinuation is named Post-Finasteride Syndrome (PFS). We
sought to characterize the types and duration of persistent sexual side
effects in otherwise healthy men who took finasteride for MPHL.

MATERIAL & METHODS: We enrolled in a retrospective study 78
patients affected by PFS who reported the new onset of sexual side
effects associated with the temporal use of finasteride, in which the
symptoms persisted for at least 3 months despite the discontinuation of
finasteride. Of all patients were collected hormonal blood analysis,
moreover to all the patients were dispensed ASEX and AMS
questionnaires before and after finasteride use. The blood analysis
need to have been performed not longer than 9 months before entering
the study and after 3 months of abstinence from any exogenous
hormonal/antidepressive/antipsychotic treatments or anabolic
androgenic steroids. Moreover, all patients with other diseases were

RESULTS: Patients were aged 24-56. ASEX evaluated before and
after finasteride assumption had a mean decreasing of 13,84 (P<0.05).
No statistically significant differences were observed in relation to the
duration of therapy or to the age of assumption. 60% of patients
reported that their symptoms worsened after discontinuation of the

CONCLUSIONS: The finasteride used in young males should
determine a potential risk for sexual health, physicians treating MPHL
should evaluate the potential risk of persistent sexual side effects
associated with finasteride.

Come possiamo vedere la ricerca italiana inizia a fornire prove sempre più valide e contorni sempre più definiti sull'entità  del fenomeno PFS. Attendiamo ulteriori notizie nel prossimo futuro.